Dating Trans People Safely in Dubai

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Dating Trans People Safely in Dubai

Safety is of paramount importance when it comes to LGBT dating in Dubai as there are quite a bit of restrictions that members of the community face. Nowhere are these restrictions harsher than in terms of dating trans people in the emirate, or dating Dubai shemales in derogatory terms. Despite the limitations and discrimination, the emirate is home to a vibrant trans community that enjoys dating. At any rate, it’s most important to stay safe.

Entering the Country

Transgender people are prosecuted in the emirate, so if your passport states you are male, dress as a man and vice versa. If you are trans or have a trans partner and are staying at a hotel, get separate rooms or a room with two single beds. Most hotels won’t let members of the same sex stay in the same room unless they get separate beds or bring a mattress to put on the floor. This goes for trans couples too because the law does not recognize trans people as such. They are seen as “men dressing like women.”

Be Careful with Social Media

Be extra careful when meeting people on dating sites. Exercise caution when posting on social media. If you’re trying to meet a trans person online, your profile should be private. International and reputable sites like My Transgender Cupid are active in Dubai. This is great news because the internet is the easiest way to meet a trans person whom you might start dating.

Meeting a Trans Person in Dubai

When you meet them, it should be indoors in a discreet place. Note that your car parked outside is not such a place. People have faced jail time for doing this. The “unwritten” rule in Dubai is that you’re not guilty if no one catches you. When we talk about dating trans people safely in Dubai, the rule is more important than ever. As we mentioned, Dubai has a relatively large trans community, and trans women live openly as women here. They wear oversized black dresses (Abaya) typically worn by all women in the Middle East so nobody knows they are trans.

If you are a trans woman in Dubai, locals and expats recommend you don’t talk to other women because they might realize you’re trans and report you to the authorities. Avoid dressing like a woman in public. If a trans woman has documents stating she is female, she’s less likely to have issues.

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